From Don Ayres, Red Bluff, CA. July 2003

I just sent this (photo of Grand Central Company 1949) off to a fellow Cal-Aero Student who guided me to your site a couple of days ago. I am giving you permission to post this Photo of Grand Central Aircraft Hangers 1949 as I own it,on your site!

I also would like to provide the 8x10 versions to anyone who sends me an Email at some cost for Production plus S&H.

I also, would like to hear from anyone who makes inquiries about the picture, who worked at GCA or went to Cal-Aero Tech back in the 40-50's era.

I also worked for Lockheed Bldg 6 during the P2V period,and delivered 67 off the Flight Line.

I then went with NAA from Navaho to Shuttle and retired in 1983 after 36 years.

I also was with the CANG Van Nuys,Crewing P51's during 1950-51.

Special Attention: Now I want to thank you for bringing back a memory, I had pushed way back in my mind.

Adams (Wilson) Airport, North Hollywood, Ca

I came to California in 1940 at age 12; the first airport I visited here, (being an airplane nut since my first ride at age 6-7 in an Aeronca C3 in Adrian Michigan, in the Ford Tri-motor days,and in walking distance from my house); was "ADAMS" Airport. When I visited it, the Name was painted on the roof, not Wilson Aeronautics as shown here in your picture.

Here is additional information:

1.The Hanger could hold 6 planes on the wheels as stated in Application, however on Dec. 7, 1941 the Airport was; "Closed to all Flying"; so the private owners allowed their planes to be stacked on the noses 20-23 were in the hanger for the duration, or till hauled away.

2. Before Dec. 7th Pearl Harbor I toured the hanger several times. Wrong way Corrigan's plane was in the left back corner on the wheels in flyable condition. The Bi-plane used for Instruction was on wheels and flyable in the Right back corner. Parked just inside the door center was Edgar Bergen's Stinson Station Wagon(nice). The rest of the hanger had several small planes of various types,like Piper Cubs ,etc. Prior to use as a Hanger and active Airport; the building had been used to stage Boxing fights late 20's early 30's.

This was my start in California Aviation activity, and it hasn't stopped yet. On May 17th I flew an L29 Jet for 30 minutes of logged time, being a Commercial Pilot. You are authorized to forward any Email you receive regarding GCA or Cal Aero Tech to me,and thanks a bunch!

Don Ayres