Aviation History of the San Fernando Valley

From 1910 until today, the San Fernando Valley has been witness to a wide range of aviation activity from dirigibles to wooden aircraft, to metal aircraft, to stealth technology, rocket engines and space vehicles.


People who came here to design, manufacture or purchase aircraft include Charles Lindbergh, Amelia Earhart, Kelly Johnson, Ben Rich, Howard Hughes, Roscoe Turner, Wiley Post, Glenn Martin, Jack Northrop, William Boeing, Al Manasco, Harold Gatty, Laura Ingalls, Paul Mantz, Frank Hawks and many more.


Aircraft built in Burbank include the wooden Vegas, P-38, Constellation, U-2, SR-71, F-117 Stealth Fighter, some work on the F-22 Raptor and much more.


Today, nearly all traces of that history have been razed for 'progress', to our great historic loss. Our history now resides only in books, on web pages and in the memories of those who made it happen. We need to document this history before we lose it forever, particularly the secret projects at the Lockheed Skunk Works and other research and defense plants in the S.F. Valley.


If you have knowledge of aircraft or rocket design, production or other aviation history, please write it down or video tape it for preservation. If you have artifacts: photographs, films, books or anything else related, consider donating it to the aviation history group at the "Portal of the Folded Wings-Shrine To Aviation" in Burbank. It's our history and it should be preserved, presented and honored.


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Charles W. Tolman ( tolman@uvic.ca ) has provided new information and photos from the early days of the Glendale_Aero_Program.


Saturday, June 07, 10am-2pm, QUEEN OF THE SKIES: THE LOCKHEED CONSTELLATION.  A revolutionary commercial propeller transport, the Lockheed Constellation burst on the aviation scene in the early 1940s. Unheralded for the most part due to wartime secrecy, it finally entered commercial service in 1946, and promptly set new standards for speed, range, reliability and passenger comfort. The "Connie," as it was affectionately known, pioneered new flight paths in many parts of the globe. Connies ultimately flew commercially for more than thirty years, and underwent countless modifications and upgrades during that time. They continued to be utilized by the military as well; in fact, Connies were involved in a number of endeavors that remain shrouded in secrecy to this day.  MEET AUTHOR CLAUDE LUISADA! Autobooks Aerobooks is located at 3524 W. Magnolia Blvd. in in beautiful Magnolia Park, Burbank.


Support "Heavenly Body"s desire to stay at Van Nuys Airport. They face raised hanger costs and eviction so their hanger space can go to some rich guys in a jet. Don't let them toss away our aviation history like they've already done here in Burbank. For them it's about money; for us it's about our history.

Speak your mind.


Posted May 29, 2007



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Aviation History of the San Fernando Valley