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BAM at the Portal of the Folded Wings-Shrine to Aviation
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PO Box 1215, Burbank, CA 91501-1215 Phone: (818) 768-7881


Board of Directors

President: Les Copeland (e-mail )

Vice President: "Coffee" Coffman (e-mail)

Corporate Secretary: Ron Dickson (e-mail)

Director: Warren Smith

A message from "Coffee" Coffman, former P-38 pilot.


We need a PUBLIC DISPLAY AREA...a HOME for our memorabilia.

We need someone familiar with FUND RAISING and GRANTS.

Being a 'non-profit' may help someone fit us into their program.

If you can help us with these urgent needs, please contact us.


Who are we?

The Burbank Aviation Museum is an all volunteer, nonprofit, community effort. It was established in 1991 by a group of citizens who wanted to recognize and preserve our great local aviation history before it's too late.

Many aviators, engineers, designers and fabricators have volunteered to help. Various members have photographed vanishing sites and collected memorabilia when they could. Also, several hundred individuals have paid dues to support this effort.

What have we done?

The group has been successful in focusing attention on our aviation history through public meetings, newsletters, newspaper coverage, memorabilia swap meets and attendance at City Council and Airport Authority meetings.

Where are we located?

We are now open Sundays from noon till 4pm at "The Portal of the Folded Wings" at the Valhalla Memorial Park. Our arrangement there is temporary; so far the group has been unable to secure a permanent physical home for the proper collection and display of its aviation memorabilia.

You can reach us through e-mail from the bottom of this page or by calling us at 818 954-0540.

What about all the old aircraft plants?

Alas, the complete Lockheed facility, A-1, B-1, C-5 and even the famous Lockheed Skunkworks B-6 plant, have all been completely raised. The Moorland Truck factory (Vega B-17 turrets) and the Weber plant (Hudsons, etc.) are gone and Menasco Mfg.(early racing engines & landing gear) is vacated. Disney owns the old Grand Central Airport including the magnificent terminal building and we are holding our breath to see if they do the right thing...for historic preservation, that is.

With little consideration to our heritage and to future generations, the powers that be in the Burbank area chose to completely remove all traces of our great aviation history. What a waste of our local heritage....we should have been able to save at least one original building on it's original site.

Why aviation history in this area?

Aircraft designed and built in the Burbank area include: Vega; Hudson; Ventura; P~38; Constellation; Vega B~17; Constitution; Jack Northrop's first 'flying wing'; etc. ....and from "the black world" came: U-2; SR-71; Stealth Fighter; partial F-22 Raptor and who knows what else?

Companies that have been active in the Burbank area include: Lockheed Aircraft; Menasco Motors; Pacific AirMotive; Vega Aircraft; Weber Aircraft; Flying Tigers Airline; Hydro-Air Corporation; Slick Airways; Harry Hector Aviation; Bandi Hinges; Monks Machining; C&S Propellor; Burns Aeroseat; etc.

People involved in our local aviation history include: Howard Hughes; Amelia Earhart; Kelly Johnson; Roscoe Turner; Charles & Anne Lindbergh; Paul Mantz; Jack Northrop; Wiley Post; etc.

We need your help!

Please....if you can help us preserve our history, give us a call. Video tape any memories you have, collect any memorabilia (photos, films, magazines, books, tool, parts, paintings, etc.) and give us a call. Volunteer to help us out...it's fun and interesting! This is truly important and if you don't do it then it won't get done and our story will be lost forever.

Want to see some snap shots?

Aviation Related Business's in the area.

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