Portal of the Folded Wings

The Portal of the Folded Wings is located just south of the Burbank airport in beautiful Valhalla Memorial Park. Originally built in 1924, (6 years before United Airport/Burbank was built) it was once the grand entrance to the memorial park.

On December 17, 1953 (the 50th anniversary of powered flight) the Portal was dedicated as a "Shrine to Aviation" and is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Portal is a temporary home to the Burbank Aviation Museum. Docents are there on Sundays from 1pm until 3 pm, when the weather is not cold or rainy.

You can visit the structure and resting places daily during normal business hours.

Huell Howser once did a segment on the Portal. There was no mention of the BAM efforts to preserve our local aviation history.

Docents are currently working on a 21' long orbiter monument, to be placed in front of the Portal building. This new attraction will honor those who flew into space and particularly those who made the supreme sacrifice in that effort. Dedication is scheduled for early November. Please watch for new information on this page.

Images from Mike Gunby

Emily Richards makes beautiful music in the 'Portal', March 2005

24 Aviation Pioneers are laid to rest in the

Portal of the Folded Wings

Shrine to Aviation

Bertrand B. Acosta, co-pilot with Admiral Richard Byrd in 1927

Walter R. Brookins, flew for the Wright brothers.

Mark M. Campbell, stunt pilot and aircraft designer.

Col. Warren S. Eaton, early pilot who also built airplanes for Lincoln Beachy.

W. Bertrum Kinner, built 'Kinner' airplanes. Amelia Earhart flew a Kinner.

A. Roy Knabenshue, balloon and dirigible pilot who flew in the Dominguez Air Meet in 1910.

Elizabeth L. McQueen, one of Los Angeles's first women pilots.

John B. Moisant, won the Statue of Liberty Race in 1910; first to carry a passenger across the English Channel.

Matilde J. Moisant, the second licensed female pilot in the United States in 1911.

J. Floyd Smith, test pilot and instructor for Glenn Martin and manufacturer of parachutes.

Hilder F. Smith, aerial acrobat and parachute jumper.

Carl B. Squier, WWI aviator, barnstormer, test pilot, and salesman. As Vice President of Lockheed Aircraft he sold Charles and Anne Lindbergh their Sirius airplane in 1931.

Charles E. Taylor, machinist for the Wright brothers who helped design and build the first engine for the Wright Flyer flown at Kitty Hawk

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Valhalla Memorial Park

10621 Victory Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91606

Can also be seen from Valhalla Drive, off Hollywood Way behind Fry's Electronics

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